The Snow Queen now also digitally

The CD with David Philip Hefti’s music theater The Snow Queen released in November 2020 is also available digitally on all channels form February 5, 2021. At the world premiere of the work in November 2018, during which this recording was made, the composer himself conducted the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich as well as soprano Mojca Erdmann, speaker Delia Mayer and speaker Max Simonischek.

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Early Works Vol. 3 released on Prospero Classical

Prospero Classical releases early works by Swiss composer David Philip Hefti in digital distribution.

The new CD Early Works Vol. 3 contains the piano trio Schattenspie(ge)l as well as the song cycle Rosenblätter on 15 poems by Rose Ausländer. In addition, Ritus – 4 dance collages for violoncello solo can be found on the album.

The interpreters include Primoz Novsak (violin), Thomas Grossenbacher (cello), Keiko Tamura (piano), Judith Schmid (mezzo soprano) und Oliver Schnyder (piano).

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David Philip Hefti conducts the Musikkollegium Winterthur

Composer and conductor David Philip Hefti will conduct the Musikkollegium Winterthur in a house concert on Friday, 29 January 2021. In addition to Mozart, Hefti’s own compositions will be on the program, for example the world premiere of his work Cantabile – Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, a commissioned work by the Musikkollegium Winterthur from 2019. Hefti already has a long friendship with the orchestra and also with the evening’s soloist Jürg Dähler.

Overview of the concert:
29 January 2021, 7:30 p.m., streaming concert
Mozart: Symphony No. 1 E flat major
Hefti: Cantabile – Concerto for VIola and Orchestra
* * * * *
Hefti: Adagietto for string orchestra
Mozart: Symphony No. 25 in G minor

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Supersonic Award for The Snow Queen

The CD with David Philip Hefti's second music theater work The Snow Queen was awarded the Supersonic Award in November 2020.

Reviewer Uwe Krusch from Pizzicato magazine writes:

This musical story follows the fairy tale The Snow Queen by the Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen and is based on a libretto by Andreas Schäfer. David Philip Hefti composed the music. The first performance by the commissioning Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich has now been recorded.

The story is about a little girl who is looking for her long-time playmate who was kidnapped by the Snow Queen. Like many of Andersen’s other fairy tales, this one also deals with the small happiness of ordinary people in a humorous and ironic way. The girl’s search takes place in dreamlike scenes in which she meets various characters until she redeems the boy with her tears.

Although Hefti works with modern tonal language including microtonal elements, his music is truly appealing. This may also be due to the fact that one listens above all to the sung or spoken words and that the music is effectively creating background moods, so that in combination with the voices it unfolds a more enchanting than disturbing effect. This is also helped by the committed and delightful performance by the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra under the direction of the composer.

Mojca Erdmann sings the four roles assigned to her, especially the one of the Snow Queen, with intensity, without appearing vocally strained at all. The narrators, in two roles each, Delia Meyer and Max Simonischek, succeed in creating their parts so that they convey the dreamlike and also somewhat surreal character of the piece in an expressive way. In this way, composer and librettist have created the base of a wonderful fairy-tale, which is then strikingly interpreted by the performers.
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David Philip Hefti: Gallicinium – music for the fourth nocturnal vigil for wind quintet
world premiere

Andrea Kollé, flute / Martin Danek, oboe / Fabio Di Càsola, clarinet / Mischa Greull, horn / Maria Wildhaber, bassoon

*Canceled due to coronavirus*

David Philip Hefti: Rückert-Lieder – Gustav Mahler / arr. David Philip Hefti
for high voice and string quartet
David Philip Hefti: Fünf Szenen für Gustav – string quartet no. 6
world premiere

Juliane Banse, soprano / Amaryllis Quartett

*Canceled due to coronavirus*


Media nox (2019) +

music for the third nocturnal vigil for flute and orchestra

Cantabile (2019) +

concerto for viola and orchestra

Concubia nocte (2018) +

music for the second nocturnal vigil
(String quartet No. 5)

The Snow Queen (2018) +

a story in music for soprano, 2 speakers and orchestra